Cristina's Philosophy – Cristina Re Designs


My philosophy is to create objects that are beautiful and make you feel good.
My illustrative work embodies my appreciation for art, flora and fauna, natural textures of crystals and stone, and of course, my passion for fashion. My travels to Italy and France inevitably influence my style and love for all things glamorous and decorative (I can’t help it, I was born in Rome!).
I like to fuse old and new, mixing vintage with contemporary. I adore the challenge of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, bringing a little bling to everything. Less is never more.
I am driven to empower women to nurture their well-being and self-love by indulging in self-care rituals, like drinking tea and cocktails, and celebrating precious moments of connection through High tea. I aim to inspire creativity in any way I can and can’t help but see opportunities everywhere to bring a little luxury, spice, and magic to everyday life.
Creating handmade pieces that are original, timeless, and of the highest quality is important to me.
Also, I can’t live without my camera and my poodle, Honey.